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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships



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1. Each year club members receive advice about, and an invitation to compete in our annual tournaments. Those who do, pay a US $50 entry fee for playing in the tournament. This goes toward covering the cost of balls, prizes, T-shirts, and other associated expenses. There is no ‘attendance’ charge for accompanying spouses (or domestic partners).

2. At each year’s venue, if appropriate, local players may be invited to play in the tournament. Those who do must pay the $50 entry fee and will be invited to the ‘welcome’ party and the prize-giving function.

3. From time to time members invite relatives (parents, children, siblings) and friends to travel with them to our tournaments. Some are players who play in the tournament and some are non-players who just come for a holiday. Because these ‘guests’ are enjoying the benefit of any hotel discounts and special benefits that we might have obtained for our group, are invited to our functions and usually receive a  T-shirt, we make a charge of U.S. $100 per person. Those who play in the tournament are required, also, to pay the $50 entry fee.

4. Certain of these guest players are sometimes invited to join the club, and if this takes place before the end of the tournament and they join as a life member and pay the $250 membership fee, the $100 attendance fee will be applied to their membership fee.


1. To hold the tournament in a different location each year, and, where possible, in a different country each year.

2. To choose all-inclusive accommodation where possible, over traditional hotel pricing, and with the overall cost of accommodation and meals hopefully not exceeding US $175 per person per day.

3. To select hotel locations that are appealing and have attractive facilities (a good beach and/or swimming pool, proximity to shopping and golf are considered important).

4. The hotel should have at least four tennis courts that can be made available to our group for the week that we are there, and a soft surface is preferable to a hard one.

5. The tournament was originally held in September but because of hurricane weather problems is now held in May (during the second or third week).

6. Members are encouraged to bring along their spouses and make the week a regular part of their social calendar.


1. On arrival at the hotel members receive an envelope containing a copy of the tournament programme, information on hotel procedures affecting them and a schedule of social activities for the week.

2. There is a welcome cocktail party held on the arrival evening when new members have an opportunity to meet each other and existing members who are in attendance.

3. Wednesday or Thursday, if the draw permits, is an off-day from tennis and the group goes on an all-day excursion of some kind.

4. Throughout the week card playing, swimming, sunbathing and shopping are popular pastimes when tennis is not being played and there is a golfing group that will take in a round or two if a course is nearby and their playing schedule permits it.

5. The all-inclusive hotel concept, which is our first choice when selecting a location, generates a lot of socializing around the bar!

6. The presentation of trophies and prizes takes place either after the finals have been completed, at court-side, or at the ending dinner on the Friday or Saturday night when the group dines together and there is the opportunity for formal discussion on the club, potential tournament locations and activities generally.


(a) Each attendee at the tournament receives a high quality T-shirt.

(b) There is a ‘Brandon banner’ on display in the tennis court area which contains the logos which appeared on each year’s T-shirt since the inception of the tournament in 1981.

(c) Photo placards of the previous year’s tournament are displayed in the tennis court area.

(d) The tournament draws for the various events are posted in the court area.


The following events will be held in the Brandon Veterans Tennis Tournament (now re-named The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships):

1. Men's Singles - Over 45

2. Men's Singles - Over 60

3. Men's Singles - Over 70

4. Men's Doubles

5. Men's Singles Plate

6. Ladies Singles - Over 40

7. Ladies Singles - Over 60

8. Ladies Doubles

9. Ladies Singles Plate

10. Mixed Doubles


The Men's and Ladies Singles Plate events are made up from players losing in the first rounds of all the men's and ladies singles events respectively.


1. Matches will be the best of three sets with the 12 point tie breaker being applicable at 6 all in all sets. On occasion, it might be decided to make the third (deciding) set a tie breaker only.

2. There will be seedings of the better players (usually four) and the draw may be by placement, with the objective of keeping players from the same country apart and having those who have never faced each other to do so, while also varying opponents from year to year.

3. New balls will be provided for each match except the Plate events.

4. An effort is made, if the schedule permits, to play matches in the afternoons only, leaving the mornings free for recreational activities, but where considered necessary play will be in the mornings and, if absolutely necessary, at night under lights.

5. Generally, play will be from Monday to Saturday (thus necessitating arrivals on Sunday and departures on the following Sunday) and the finals should, where possible, be on separate days. However, flight arrangements sometimes are such that we arrive on the Saturday, and in that case we play from Sunday to Friday and depart on the Saturday following.

6. A ten minute rest is permissible after the second set in all singles matches.

7. Unless absolutely unavoidable, players should not be required to play more than one singles and one doubles match on the same day.


Challenge Trophies, which cannot be won outright, are in existence as follows:

Men's Over 45 Singles - The Peter R. Phillips Trophy

Men's Over 60 Singles - The H.P. ‘Junior’ Urich Memorial Shield

Men's Over 70 Singles

Men's Doubles - The N.H. International (Emile Elias Trophy)

Ladies Over 40 Singles

Ladies Over 60 Singles

Ladies Doubles

Mixed Doubles

Men's Plate Event - The Patsy Russell Plate

Ladies Plate Event - The Jacquie Phillips Plate

Miniature replicas are awarded to all winners in lieu of their keeping the permanent trophies for the ensuing year. First and second prizes are provided for each event.

In 2003 a trophy was donated by Barrie Farrington, in Peter Phillips' name,  to recognize the male and female at each year’s tournament who, in the opinion of the management committee members present, most contributed, by their personality and interaction, to the social enjoyment of the week. They will be awarded prizes and their names will be recorded on the trophy.

Ten engraved medallions are awarded after each tournament to selected attendees who have been judged, in any of many ways, to have contributed to the success and enjoyment of the week.

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