May 16 to May 22, 2010



    Peter R. Phillips

"father" of Brandon Veterans Tennis, now re-named  

  'The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships'

The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships


Thirtieth Anniversary Milestone !!


This year is the 30th year of the existence of our Brandon Veterans Tennis Tournament, now to be re-named "The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships".

For those of you who might not know, the 'Brandon Trophy' was competed for among the British West Indies Territories from 1948 until 1992. The dominant players were selected to  play for the British West Indies in the Davis Cup Competition. The Davis Cup Authorities ruled, in 1992 that the West Indies would no longer be permitted to play as a unit as they were really a group of independent countries. The Brandon Trophy was then, sadly, discontinued.

On a business visit to Trinidad in the late 1970's Peter Phillips, then living in Nassau in the Bahamas, ran into the Trinidad tennis players of his Brandon years and they reminisced on the wonderful times of those days. The idea of resuscitating a gathering of the tennis players of that time was raised and Peter undertook to arrange such an event. It took place in Nassau in the Bahamas at the Ocean Club on Paradise Island in 1981 and the "First Caribbean Invitational Tennis Championships (Brandon Veterans)" came into being. It was a resounding success and quickly became a fixture, with tournaments being held annually in different territorial locations. Ladies were invited to participate in the early nineties, and the tournament has grown from a group of eighteen that played in that first year to numbers that have reached as high as 108 participating in Barbados in 2006.

As the 'Brandon' aspect is gradually fading from the tournament the "Policy Committee" suggested that the tournament now be re-named "The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships". That comes into effect at the 30th anniversary of the tournament in Sicily in the Mediterranean in this year, 2010!


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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

2009 Tournament Review

Our 2009 tournament was at Club Med in the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands. There were 88 attendees. That's our second largest number after Barbados in 2006. We welcomed ten new members - Grant and Karen Farrell, John Harty and Eva Cromwell from Canada, Dianne Barry, Ed Smith and Adrian Clarke from the United States and Bill and Ainslie Thomson, and Grace Schroder from the Bahamas. Guest players attending were Samah Garringer and James Benneyworth from Canada and Tom Louie and Helen Bruno from the United States.


Noteworthy in the week was newcomer Adrian Clarke halting the dominance of Rob Benneyworth in the semi-finals of the Men's Singles. Both had ailments and Rob defaulted after losing the first set 6-2. Adrian won the final convincingly over Mas Kimball 6-1, 6-1. Peter Clarke carried Tyrone Mapp to 10-8 in the third set in the Over 60 Men's Singles. It was Tyrone's fifth win of that title - his only loss being to Alan Price in 2008.The two outstanding matches of the tournament were Mas Kimball's semi-final win over Peter Symmonds - 4-6, 6-0, 10-8(tb) and Athelstan Phillips' win over Ray Forde 6-2, 2-6, 16-14(tb).


The Peter Phillips Trophy, awarded to the male and female considered to have most contributed to the enjoyment and success of the tournament, went to Mas and Sue Kimball - Mas for his experience in the scheduling of the tournament play and Sue for her consistent work in mopping the courts following the many rainfalls that challenged the success of the tournament.


The traditional ten medallion awards went to:

1. Mas Kimball for introduction of computer determinations in our match scheduling, which proved successful and which has earned him a place on our Management Committee.

2. Errol Williams for his excellent work in computerizing a number of the Club's activities which has been both 'cost saving' and an improvement in efficiency and for his assistance in the tournament scheduling.

3. Adrian Clarke for his dominance of the Men's Singles (no one got more than two games from him in any set)  and the cool, effective style with which he achieved his victories.

4. Ruth Layne for her considerable work in the collection of the entry fees and the distribution of tennis shirts to attendees.

5 and 6. Jack Ramsey and Pierre Monnard for their help whenever, wherever and whatever situation arose that required a helping hand.

7. Rolly Grant for his tremendous help in organizing the transport of tennis balls and tennis shirts from Canada to the Turks and Caicos Islands for the tournament..

8 and 9. Bill and Ainslie Thomson for, as first timers, throwing their energy into helping, throughout the week, in a variety of situations.

10. Christine Brown who is not a member and lives in Canada, but took some tennis related fabric that I had bought for the Club and made a variety of very useful items that we have used as prizes.!

The Serving Accuracy Competition was won by a four person tie - Billy Mitchell, Grant Farrell, Sylvia Head and Marcia Smith. Marcia is the second person (and female) who is not a tournament player, but who has won a serving accuracy prize! Charlotte Seiger did so in Barbados in 2006.

Prizes were distributed by Dorothy Williams. At the prize-giving  an announcement was made by Peter Symmonds, one of the Management  Committee Members, that the Committee had voted to re-name the tournament "The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships", effective in 2010.

The Club's Management Committee welcomed the addition of  Mas Kimball to its team.  

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

2009 Medallion Awardees

Mas Kimball

Errol Williams

Adrian Clarke

Ruth Layne

Jack Ramsey

Pierre Monnard

Rolly Grant

Bill Thomson

Ainslie Thomson

Christine Brown

Serving Accuracy Competition Winners

Left to right: Marcia Smith, Billy Mitchell, Sylvia Head and Grant Farrell

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

        2009 Tournament Results

        Men's Over 45 Singles
Rob Benneyworth (1) -bye
Errol Coard                 - bye
6-0, 4-0, ret.
Michael King              - bye

6-1, 6-0

Errol Williams          
6-2, 6-0  
Jacob Hadeed   3-0, ret.   6-2, ret
Adrian Clarke           - bye


Grant Farrell              - bye
6-1,  6-0
Ray Forde                    - bye
6-0, 6-0
Athelstan Phillips (4)- bye
6-4, 2-6, 16-14(tb)   6-1, 6-1
Peter Symmonds (3)   - bye
Mark Lee Lum            - bye
 Lee Lum
6-1, 6-1
Colin Murray              - bye
6-1, 6-3
Billy Mitchell             - bye
6-2, 6-4  
Gaby Sastre                - bye
4-6, 6-0, 10-8 (tb)
John Long                   - bye
6-1, 6-1
Therva Brown             - bye
6-4, 6-4
Mas Kimball (2)          - bye
6-0, 6-0  
        Men's Over 60 Singles
Alan Price                     - bye Price
Errol Williams
Rolly Grant 6-2, 6-2  
Ian Gentle
6-1, 6-2
Errol Coard 6-2, 6-4
Vernon Smith
Peter Clarke 6-0, 6-0  
Gaby Sastre
6-3, 2-6, 10-8 (tb)
George Hew 6-2, 6-0
Bill Thomson
Hal Meeks  W/O  
Pierre Monnard
6-1, 6-0
Howard Carter 6-1, 6-0
Jim Marx
Tyrone Mapp 6-0, 6-2  

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships
2009 Tournament Results

        Men's Over 70 Singles

Peter Phillips (1)        - bye
Jack Cramer               - bye
6-0, 6-0
Hal Meeks                    - bye
George  Hew                 - bye
6-2, 6-3  

Jack Ramsey          


Tom Louie               

6-1, 6-2
Vernon Smith               - bye
6-1, 6-0
Errol Coard                   - bye
Emile Elias (2)               - bye
6-2, 6-0  

         Men's Doubles

P. Phillips/G. Hew 6-1,  6-1
G. Sastre/B. Thomson
6-0, 6-0
H. Carter/R. Grant 7-5, 4-6, 10-8(tb)  
E. Elias/J. Marx
7-5, 6-7, 10-7 (tb)
A. Clarke/M. Lee Lum 6-0, 6-3
Clarke/Lee Lum
J. Ramsey/P. Monnard
A. Phillips/C. Murray 6-2, 6-0  
M. Kimball/J. Benneyworth
7-6, 6-1
J. Cramer/E. Williams 6-0, 6-0
H. Meeks/V. Smith
M. King/B. Mitchell 6-0, 6-1  
J. Long/G.Farrell
6-2, 6-3
R. Forde/T. Louie 7-5, 6-0
I. Gentle/T. Brown
T. Mapp/P. Symmonds 6-1, 6-2  


Due to excessive rain, it was necessary to play ‘one-set’ matches on one day.


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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

 2009 Tournament Results (continued)

       Ladies Over 40 Singles
Julie  Salomon          - bye
Pat Murray
6-0, 6-0
Karen Farrell 6-2, 6-3  
Giovanna Andrews
Eva Cromwell 6-0, 6-2
Dianne Barry
6-2, 3-0 ret.
Marie Kuleba 6-2, 6-4  
Marie Ann Gonsalves
6-1, 6-0
Liz Johnson 6-4, 6-2
Terri Monnard
7-5, 6-4
Helen Najarian 6-3, 6-1  
Ellie Brown
Sylvia Head 6-2, 6-3
Marie Jeanne Symmonds - bye
6-1, 6-2
        Ladies Over 60 Singles
Sue Kimball (1)     - bye
Flo Carpentier
6-0, 6-2
Lee Ogilvie 6-2, 4-6, 10-4(tb)  
Sandra Byles
6-3, 6-0
Grace Schroder 6-1, 6-0
Margot Thomson (2)      - bye
6-3, 6-0
        Ladies Doubles
C. Alcazar/J. Salomon   - bye
E. Brown/R. Layne
6-1, 6-2
E. Cromwell/K. Farrell 6-1, 6-0  
S. Byles/M. Kuleba
6-3, 6-2
L.  Ogilvie/G. Schroder 6-0, 6-1
L. Johnson/M. Thomson   - bye Johnson/Thomson 6-3, 2-6, 10-7(tb)
S. Kimball/E.  Powell
  6-3, 7-5
G. Andrews/S. Garringer 6-2, 6-3
S. Head/L. Long
6-2, 6-1
D. Barry/A. Thomson 6-1, 6-2  
P. Murray/H. Najarian
6-2, 7-5
F. Carpentier/T. Monnard 7-5, 2-6, 10-7(tb)
MJ  Symmonds/MA Gonsalves -bye
6-2, 7-5

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

        2009 Tournament Results

           Mixed Doubles

G. and K. Farrell - bye
G. and K. Farrell
6-4, 6-2
R. Grant/T. Monnard
Lee Lum/Cromwell
M. Lee Lum/E.Cromwell 6-3, 6-3
Lee Lum/Cromwell
H. Carter/S.Head
Clarke/ Thomson
6-4, 6-4
P. Clarke/M. Thomson 6-0, 6-2   6-3, 6-0
T. Mapp/L. Johnson - bye
J. Marx/A. Thomson
6-0, 6-0
J. Ramsey/F. Carpentier 6-3, 6-1  
T. Brown/G. Andrews
C. Murray/M. Gonsalves 6-1, 6-0
A. Phillips/C. Alcazar -bye
6-4, 6-3
P. and MJ. Symmonds - bye
P. and MJ. Symmonds
P. and MJ. Symmonds
7-6, 6-2
A. Price/P. Murray
6-1, 6-4  
J. Benneyworth/S. Garringer W/O  
P. and MJ. Symmonds
R. Forde/E.Brown
M. King/S. Byles 6-3, 6-3
A. Clarke/H. Najarian - bye
6-0, 6-0
B. Mitchell/D. Barry
M. and S. Kimball
I. Gentle/M. Kuleba 7-6, 7-5
6-1, 7-6
T. Louie/E. Powell
6-3, 6-1  
B. Thomson/G. Schroder 6-1, 6-2  
M. and S. Kimball
J. and L. Long
J. and L. Long
J. Ramsey/L. Ogilvie 6-1, 6-1
M. and S. Kimball
M. and S. Kimball - bye
M. and S. Kimball
6-2, 7-6

            Ladies' Plate

L. Johnson
G. Andrews 6-3
G. Schroder
D. Barry W/O  
F. Carpentier
7-6, 6-1
P. Murray 6-3
E. Brown
T. Monnard 6-1  

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

2009 tournament Results

        Men's Plate
R. Forde                 - bye
H. Carter
B. Mitchell 6-2  
E. Williams
G. Farrell 6-0
T. Brown               - bye
J. Marx
H. Meeks W/O
6-1, 6-4
E. Coard
J. Cramer 0-5 ret.  
Lee Lum
V. Smith 7-6
Lee Lum
M. Lee Lum          - bye
Lee Lum
2009 Tournament Photos

Bahamas Group

                                      Barbadian Group

United States Group

                                Trinidadian Group

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

2009 Tournament Photos

Watching play from pavilion (north).

Watching play from centre court.

Julie and Margot 'on the hop'.

'Chilling out' on a beach break.

Drinks anyone? Compliments of Marie and Giovanna!

Mark is really, really thirsty!

Jacquie can't believe how good her hand is!

The tennis is great....but Beryl needs a nap right now.

A 'guitar moment' with Jack.

Marie Jeanne displays her table tennis skills during rain delay.

Jossie's artistic creation delights Judy.

Wendy takes Howard for a practice session.

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

2009 Tournament - Final Night's Banquet

Margot Thomson, Marie Ann Gonsalves and Liz Johnson propose a toast.

Ellie Brown, Raymond Forde and Colin Murray

Trophy Presentation - with Dorothy Williams doing the honours

Adrian Clarke - Men's Over 45 Singles Champion

Tyrone Mapp - Men's Over 60 Singles Champion

Peter Phillips - Men's Over 70 Singles Champion

Julie Salomon - Ladies Over 40 Singles Champion

Sue Kimball - Ladies Over 60 Singles Champion

Rob Benneyworth and Peter Clarke - Men's Doubles Champions

Julie Salomon and Christine Alcazar - Ladies Doubles Champions

Rob Benneyworth and Julie Salomon - Mixed Doubles Champions

Raymond Forde - Men's Plate Champion

Liz Johnson - Ladies Plate Champion

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

Policy Committee

Peter  Phillips


Chairman and Tournament Director

Andrew Bloomfield


Barrie Farrington


Mel Black


Peter Symmonds


Management Committee

Peter Phillips

Jack Ramsey

Pierre Monnard

Hal Meeks

Keith Thomasos

Errol Williams

Mas Kimball


Tournament Events and Trophies

Men's Over 45 Singles - The Peter Phillips Shield

Men's Over 60  Singles - The Junior Urich Memorial Shield

Men's Over 70 Singles - Club Trophy Shield

Ladies over 40 Singles - Club Trophy Shield

Ladies Over 60 Singles - Club Trophy Shield

Men's Doubles - The N. H. International /Emile Elias Trophy

Ladies Doubles - Club Trophy Shield

Mixed Doubles - Club Trophy Shield

Men's Singles Consolation - The Patsy  Russell Plate

Ladies Singles Consolation - The Jacquie Phillips Plate

There is also a Peter Phillips Trophy donated by Barrie Farrington that is awarded at the end of each tournament to the male and female attendee who is considered by the management committee to have most contributed to the camaraderie and overall enjoyment of the week. 


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The Peter R Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

Web Site

Hal Meeks in the USA was the pioneer of  our web site, but it was passed over to Errol Williams (in Canada) in n2007. It is updated annually and carries a great deal  of information about the Club and our tournament including a roster of the winners of the various events through the years. You can access it at


The  Club currently has a membership of 166 people from:

The Bahamas


Of  these 166 members, there are nine  who are not tennis players, but who have joined the Club for the attraction of the locations, the tennis and the camaraderie of our group.      

USA   32
Canada   30
Trinidad   24
Barbados   24
Jamaica     8
St. Kitts     3
UK     3
Cayman     2
Guyana     1
British Virgin Islands     1
Grenada     1
Dominica     1
Ireland     1
Total 166

Sadly we have had eight members who have left us for the 'great beyond'. They are Kendall Isaacs and Jim Chiltern-Hunt (from the Bahamas), Louis St. Hill, Ken Farr and Peter Barnard (from Canada), Junior Urich and Louis Camacho (from Trinidad) and Vincent Deveaux (from St. Lucia).


Our tournament has so far been held in fifteen different countries. Sicily in the Mediterranean, will be our sixteenth. We have played six times in the Bahamas, five times in Jamaica, twice in the USA, Barbados and the Dominican Republic, and once in St. Lucia, Martinique, Canada, Venezuela, Trinidad, Antigua, St, Kitts, British Virgin Islands, Cuba, Turks and Caicos Islands and on Margarita Island off the coast of Venezuela.


The twelve members with the highest attendance at tournaments so far are:

Peter Phillips 28 (100%)
Jacquie Phillips 27
Mel Black 25
Ian Gentle 20
Alan Price 19
Lindy Price 15
Sue Bloomfield 15
Andrew Bloomfield 14
Peter Isaacs 13
Barrie Farrington 13
Ruth Layne 13
Sandra Byles 12

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

Special Mention

Patsy Russell

Patsy is the mother of three former prominent Jamaican tennis players. - Compton, Greg and Norman, and the aunt of Richard Russell. She was very helpful in the establishment of our Brandon Veterans Tennis and was the prime organizer of the second and fourth tournaments held in Rose Hall in Jamaica and in Castries in St. Lucia. From Jamaica, she settled in Florida and sadly, is now blind, but, she did come up to our 25th anniversary tournament held at Port St. Lucie in northern Florida in 2005!

Peter Isaacs

Peter was among the group that played in the first Brandon Veterans Tournament. He was a regular and tough competitor. In 1998 he won the Over 60 Singles at the Jack Tar Village in Montego Bay Jamaica.  Peter has a sporting record that should be in the Guinness Book of Records. He has represented the Bahamas in seven different sports - baseball, softball, cricket, rugby, soccer, darts and tennis! Try and beat that!!

Walter Comrie

Walter, born in April 1921, is our oldest member. He will be 89 years old when we are in Sicily! He is a Jamaican but settled in Florida in the USA some many years ago. We have kept in touch since and when he heard about our tournament he joined the Club. Walter last played in the Brandon Veterans Tournament in 2000 when it was held at the Half Moon Bay Tennis and Beach Club in Rose Hall on the outskirts of Montego Bay in Jamaica.

Charles Donaldson

Charles is the second oldest member of our Club., after Walter Comrie. Charles served in the US Military Forces from May 15th 1944 to February 17th 1946. He was with the Marines. Charles' service and the fact that he was still alive came to the attention of the Military Affairs Unit in 2008 and this resulted in his receiving five decorations and citations :

1. Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal;  2.American Campaign Medal;  3. World War II Victory Medal;  4. Combat Action Ribbon;  5. Camden County Military Service Medal

Pretty impressive! Our  congratulations to you Charles on your service and your commendations! Beware, Obama might call on you for service in Afghanistan!

Christine Brown

Christine does not play  tennis and is not a member of our Club, but she made a very worthwhile contribution to the Club recently. Though I made acknowledged it by awarding her one of our customary annual ten medallions from the tournament, I would like to make a broader recognition here in our magazine.

I had bought a large beautiful piece of fabric, adorned with tennis racquet emblems. She happened to have seen it and volunteered to make a variety of  tennis prizes out of it. She did an excellent job - there were cushions, hand bags, purses and covered note books! They were used as prizes in the 2009 tournament and I think they were well received. Thanks Christine!

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

Members' Photos, Names (alphabetic) and the Year they joined the Club


Peter  Andrews; 1997

Vicky Andrews; 1997

Ian Bethel; 1982

Stan Bocus; 2003

Sandra Byles; 1997

Beryl Campbell; 2002

George Carey; 1981

Ellen Carey; 1981

Normand Carpentier; 1999

Flo Carpentier; 1999

Nancy Cole; 1999

Barrie Farrington;; 1981

Bob Isaacs; 1981

Mike Isaacs; 1997

Dot Isaacs; 1997

Peter Isaacs; 1981

Bertram Knowles; 1989

Leon Knowles; 1999

Carmel Knowles; 1999

Mike Lightbourn; 1994




No Photo Available




Neil Mc Taggart; 2006




No Photo Available




Tara Mc Taggart; 2006

Pierre Monnard; 1998

Terry Monnard; 1997

Terry North; 2002

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

Members' Photos, Names (alphabetic) and the Year they joined the Club


Lee Ogilvie; 2001

Edith Powell; 1997

Ellie Roberts; 1994

Leo Rolle; 2002

Erica Rolle; 2002

Sue Sargent; 1998

Gaby Sastre; 1989

Linda Sastre; 1989

Grace Schroder; 2009

Kit Spencer; 1993

Lesley Spencer; 1993

Bill Thomson; 2009

Ainslie Thomson; 2009

Colin Trotman; 1990

Jane Wiberg; 1997

Bahamian Champions

Bahamian club members with the highest number of 'wins' in club  tournament events to date are:

Men's Over 45 Singles: Leo Rolle, 6 wins.

Men's Over 60 Singles: Junior Urich, 2 wins.

Men's Doubles: Leo Rolle (with Athelstan Phillips) 1 win.

Men's Plate:  Mike Lightbourn, 2 wins.

Ladies Over 40 Singles:  Sandra Byles, 5 wins.

Ladies Doubles: Sandra Byles and Jane Wiberg (each with 2 different partners), 2 wins.

Ladies Plate: Terri Monnard, 1 win.

Mixed Doubles: Sandra Byles (with 2 different partners - Peter Isaacs and Hal Meeks), 2 wins.


Valerie Ambrose; 2005

Diane Barry; 2009

Reginald Belgrave; 2008


Errol Coard; 2003

Roger Cenac; 2005


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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

Members' Photos, Names (alphabetic) and the Year they joined the Club


Adrian Clarke; 2009

Walter Comrie; 1997

Charles Donaldson; 1982

Bonnie Gorlick; 2001

Mas Kimball; 2004

Sue Kimball; 2004

Michael King; 2003

Ruth Layne; 1989

Jacqueline Marshall; 2005

Jim Marx; 2008

Cindie Marx; 2008

Hal Meeks; 1997

Judy Meeks; 1997

Bill Mitchell; 2006

Helen Najarian; 2006

Jean Narvin; 2006

Lou Awamy; 2006

John Nicholson; 2006

Sara Sue Nicholson; 2006




No Photo Available




Toni Patterson; 2009

Julie Salomon; 2006

Chuck Seiger; 2004

Charlotte Seiger; 2004

Ed Smith; 2009

Leonard Snyder; 2002

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

Members' Photos, Names (alphabetic) and the Year they joined the Club


Myrta Snyder; 2002

David Tate; 1987

Aileen Tate; 1987

John Telfer; 2005

Lorna Telfer; 2005

Joni Van Ryck deGroot; 2005

Jeff Wilson; 2008

Gerri Wilson; 2008

USA Champions

USA Club members with the highest number of 'wins' in club tournament events to date are:

Men's Plate: Bill Mitchell, 1 win.

Ladies Over 40 Singles: Julie Salomon, 2 wins.

Ladies Over 60 Singles: Sue Kimball, 4 wins.

Ladies Doubles: Julie Salomon, 4 wins with 2 different partners.

Mixed Doubles: Mas and Sue Kimball, 3 wins.

Ladies Plate: Helen Najarian,1 win.


Giovanna Andrews; 2008

Rob Benneyworth; 2007

Doreen Bolton; 2000

Therva Brown; 2008

Howard Carter; 2006

Wendy Carter; 2006

David Clarke; 2001

Peter Clarke; 2006

Eva Cromwell; 2009

Marlene Crosswell; 2006

Grant Farrell; 2009

Karen Farrell; 2009

Ian Gentle; 1987

Jean Claude Gourgon; 2006

Rolly Grant; 2005

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

Members' Photos, Names (alphabetic) and the Year they joined the Club


Valerie Grant; 2005

John Harty; 2009

Sylvia Head; 2006

George Hew; 1987

Pamela Hew; 1987

Naoki Hirose; 1998

Dita Hirose; 1998

Dave Jarvis; 2006

Gerry Kolpin; 1987

Anna Kolpin; 1987

Marie Kuleba; 2005

Joanne Letourneau; 2006

John Long; 2000

Leslie Long; 2000

Lloyd Mogg; 1987

Frank Mott-Trille; 1987

Peter Phillips; 1981

Jacquie Phillips; 1981

John Sharpe; 1987

Errol Williams; 2006

Dorothy Williams; 2006

Canadian Champions

Canadian club members with the highest number of 'wins' in club tournament events to date are:

Men's Over 45 Singles: Peter Phillips and Rob Benneyworth, 2 wins each.

Men's Over 60 Singles: Peter Phillips, 2 wins.

Men's Over 70 Singles: Peter Phillips, 2 wins.

Men's Doubles: Peter Phillips (with 3 different partners - Harold Phillips, George Hew, and Ian Gentle) 3 wins; Rob Benneyworth and Peter Clarke, 3 wins.

Men's Plate: Ian Gentle, 3 wins.

Ladies Doubles: Leslie Long (with Liz Johnson), 1 win.

Ladies Plate: Marie Kuleba, 1 win.

Mixed Doubles: Rob Benneyworth (with Julie Salomon), 2 wins.

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

Members' Photos, Names (alphabetic) and the Year they joined the Club


James Aboud;  2003

Alan Alcazar; 1996

Christine Alcazar; 1996

Natalie Attin; 2002

Mel Black; 1981

Nancy Black; 1981

Monty Chapman; 1985

Rene de Labastide; 1989

Eric Deverteuil; 1981

Charmaine Deverteuil; 1981

Emile Elias; 1981

Penny Elias; 1989

Des Ella; 1993

Kieron Fung Kee Fung; 2002

Jacqueline Fung Kee Fung; 2002

Peter Ganteaume; 2007

Judy Ganteaume; 2007

Jacob Hadeed; 2007

Richard Hart; 2002

David Knaggs; 1996

Joy Knaggs; 1996

Mark Lee Lum; 2008

Omi Maraj; 1989

Vincent Pereira; 2007

Athelstan Phillips; 1998

Page 20

The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

Members' Photos, Names (alphabetic) and the Year they joined the Club


Sydney Phillips; 1981

Alan Price; 1981

Odette Price; 1981

Lindy Price; 1981

Teheli Sealy; 2008

John Stollmeyer; 1996

Pat Stollmeyer; 1996

Keith Thomasos; 2002

Trinidadian Champions

Trinidadian club members with the highest  number of 'wins' in club tournament events to date are:

Men's Over 45 Singles: Alan Price, 7 wins.

Men's Over 60 Singles: Lindy Price,  3 wins.

Men's Doubles: Alan and Lindy Price,  9 wins.  Alan had 2 more wins with other partners.

Men's Plate: Rene deLabastide, and Eric Deverteuil 2 wins each.

Ladies Doubles: Christine Alcazar and Pat Stollmeyer, 5 wins. Christine had 3 more wins with other partners.


Michael Birkett; 2006

Ellie Brown; 2003




No Photo Available




John Burke; 2006

Geoff Decaires; 1989

Muffy Decaires; 1989

Richard Edghill; 2007

Diana Edghill; 2007

Penny Ettinger; 2003

Ray Forde; 2003

Marie Ann Gonsalves; 2006

Karl Holder; 2003

Liz Johnson; 2002

Tyrone Mapp; 2000




No Photo Available




Raymond McKenzie; 2006

Colin Murray; 2002

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

Members' Photos, Names (alphabetic) and  the Year they joined the Club


Pat Murray;  2002

Ian Odle; 2001

Margot Pascht; 2007

Jack Ramsey; 1989

Judy Ramsey; 1989

Sue Rogers; 2006

Vernon Smith; 2000

Marcia Smith; 2000

John Skinner; 1984

Noel Symmonds; 2000

Peter Symmonds; 2000

Marie J Symmonds; 2000

Margot Thomson; 2002

Barbadian Champions

Barbadian club members with  the highest number of 'wins' in club tournament events to date are:

Men's  Over 45 Singles: Tyrone Mapp, 2 wins.

Men's Over 60 Singles: Tyrone Mapp, 5 wins.

Men's Doubles: Tyrone Mapp and Peter Symmonds, 5 wins.

Men's Plate:  Colin Murray, 3 wins.

Ladies Over 40 Singles: Liz Johnson and Sue Rogers 1 win each.

Ladies Doubles: Liz Johnson and Margot Thomson, 1 win. Liz Johnson had another win with Leslie Long.

Ladies Plate: Liz Johnson, 1 win.

Mixed Doubles: Colin Murray and Liz Johnson, 1 win.



Andrew Bloomfield; 1981

Sue Bloomfield; 1981

John Kearney; 1990

Rosie McIver; 1997

Mervyn Morris; 1982

Harold Phillips; 1981

Joan Phillips; 1981

Richard Russell; 1989

Clifton Yap; 2005

Jamaican Champions

Jamaican club members with  the highest number of 'wins' in club tournament events to date are

Men's Doubles:

Harold Phillips with Peter Phillips, 1 win.

Ladies Over 40 Singles:

Sue Bloomfield, 2 wins.

Ladies Doubles:

Sue Bloomfield with Jean Tate, 1 win.

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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

Members' Photos, Names (alphabetic) and the Year they joined the Club


Jack Cramer; 1996

Jossie Cramer; 1996

Kennedy Simmonds; 1996

Mary Simmonds; 1996

St. Kitts Champion

Men's Plate: Jack Cramer, 1 win.


Garry Hogarth; 2004




No Photo Available




Mandy Hogarth; 2005

Olly Rogger; 2004

Jo Rogger; 2004

England's Best Results

Men's Over 45 Singles:

Ollie Rogger,  runner-up.

Men's Doubles:

Ollie Rogger and Garry Hogarth, runners-up.






Maria Alberga; 2005

Carol Eldemire; 2005

Ian McDonald; 1989

Ken Adamson; 1999

BVI Champion

Men's Over 45 Singles:

Ken Adamson, 1 win.

Men's Doubles: Ken Adamson (with Lindy Price), 1 win.





Norris Franker; 1994


Phillip Nassief; 2006

Margaret Broderick; 2008

Irish Champion

Ladies Over 40 Singles:

Margaret Ann Broderick, 1 win.



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The Peter R. Phillips Veterans Tennis Championships

Club Banner

Our Club Banner on display at 2009 Tournament

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Pristine beaches!

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